Affirmation Card

Namaste is a Sanskrit word that means: ‘The spirit that is me bows to the spirit that is you.’

High Fructose Corn Syrup and Weight Gain

My family ate big, German Wisconsin meals every day.  Meat, potatoes, gravy, cooked vegetables, home made bread with lots of butter.  Desert every meal.  Cake, ice cream, pies, milk… and no one was ever anything but lean and robust, living with perfect health into their 80s.  Not only my family but everybody we knew.   No fuss about it, no thinking about weight and no such word as diet.  We certainly had preferences and foods we liked better but there were no overwhelming cravings.

There were some unhealthy things but they didn’t seem to affect us.  For example, heavy frying and all baking was done with Crisco which was lard!

So why is keeping weight down so difficult now.

It’s because the days of pure foodstuffs in our diet are gone.    Sodas were made with sugar.  Everything fried was fried with butter.  Ice cream was made with cream from a cow.  Peanut butter was made with peanuts.  Chocolate was chocolate.  These are foods that the human body has acclimated to over thousands of years.  They don’t cause cancers, heart disease, high blood pressure, clogged arteries.

Now a can of soda is 1/3 high fructose corn syrup.  Chocolate is palm oil with chocolate flavor and brown coloring.  Peanut butter is cottonseed oil with peanut flavor and brown coloring.  Ice cream is oil, high fructose corn syrup and coloring.  Read the labels.

All of this is metabolized and stored by the body differently from the things it’s supposed to replace.  Some of it is recognized by the body as a foreign or toxic substance.  The three tropical oils are palm, cottonseed and cocoanut and they were never made to be eaten.  They are in cosmetics, lotions etc. and palm oil is used to grease machinery.

They all have one thing in common.  They are cheap.

And we are being lied to.

High fructose corn syrup stimulates the liver as much as pig fat.

A Trick to Teach Your Child Good Behavior

The child has one overriding, driving goal and it’s from the Reptilian Brain survival function.

THE CHILD WANTS TO PLEASE THE PARENT.  Always, every minute and in every way.

The Reptilian Brain needs to get this correct or the child could die and he knows it.  The parents are access to food, water and shelter and without that the child is unable to survive.

Normal parenting in American culture is reactive.  It’s knee-jerk responses to each event with the goal of controlling the child’s behavior.  It’s frequently inconsistent, mostly negative  and with a frustrated attitude that  confuses and worries  the child because he can’t make rational sense of what he’s doing to cause it.

EXAMPLE:  Picking up an infant and comforting him at the peak of his loudest cry teaches him this: Mama likes it when I cry very loudly because she picks me up.  When he’s crying, stand outside of his sight until the crying stops, even if it’s only for a breath, then quickly begin cooing soft words to him and pick him up.

A TRICK:  The job of a parent is to teach their child what is acceptable behavior and what is not and this trick will do that without making the child feel like he’s a bad person.  It will take a few days before it becomes second nature and should begin before the child is about 5.

  • Say:  “Good coming when I call you.”  “Bad throwing your food on the floor.”  “Good brushing your teeth.”   “Bad hitting Mary.”  and so on.
  • These statements should be only the word ‘good’ or ‘bad’ and the most brief description of the action.
  • Anything more causes the child to tune it out.
  • This takes the onus off of the child and gives him a clear indication of what is and what is not acceptable social behavior.
  • It also eliminates control avoidance.
  • You will have a happy an obedient child.

Our inclination is to say ‘Good boy.’ or ‘Bad boy.’

Saying ‘Bad boy.’ the child is devastated.

Saying ‘Good boy.’ the child thinks:  “But I wasn’t good last week and if she finds out, I’ll be bad boy.”

Four Bad Words

There are 4 words that we use all the time and that in actuality, don’t mean what we intend them to mean.  There is a hidden sentence attached to them, a sentence that is a bad wish.  The speaker doesn’t hear the bad wish but the listener certainly does.

  • HOPE.  The phrase that always accompanies the word hope is:  “I don’t think you will succeed but I hope you do.”  Not at all what we mean to say.
  • WISH.  Saying I wish the best for you in actuality is saying:  “I don’t think it will work but I wish it would.”
  • TRY.  Saying to Johnny as he’s out the door to play ball… “Try for a home run.”  is not what he hears.  He hears:  “I don’t think you can make a home run but try anyway.”
  • IF.  “If it works.  If you can.”…

Now, the trick is to find another word and you will be amazed at how difficult that is.  What we are really trying to do is give a benediction, a blessing in a sense and   somehow that, in English culture, is not even an option.  We are negatively based in language and in culture.

Using the word ‘May’ instead for a formal statement works and just leaving the qualifier off entirely and saying to the child:  “Give it your best shot.”  is difficult to learn and has terrific results.

May you enjoy happiness and all the causes of future happiness.

May this year be filled with good health, peace, joy and laughter.

Preemies Fail Hearing Tests. Don’t Worry.

The very young, very small preemie is initially put on an open warmer with full exposure to the noises around him.  Observing, one understands that even a 26 weeker quickly learns to tune out external noise, starting with the monitor alarms.  They will react only to sudden, very loud, unexpected noises and these should be avoided at all costs.  They also, with a strong connection, react to the voices of their parents which is the way they recognize them.

I have seen many hundreds of parents being told that their baby failed multiple hearing tests and it was completely wrong information… with disastrous results.  Because she believed that he could not hear, the mother would stop talking to him and because she was not talking to him, she no longer looked at him.

Therefore, the baby was no longer seeing the mother’s face or hearing her voice.  No more twinkling eyes looking at him, no more movement of mama’s head, no more little air kisses from her, no more little love words. He now only sees the bottom of her chin as she sits in silence. And he thought he had done something to cause this.

The young mother of fragile twins was crying and beside herself when I got to work one night.  One of the twins had failed several OAE tests and finally the ABR.  They told her he was deaf.  I told her I’d watch him during the night and to go home and sleep.  I called her at one in the morning and said not only was he not deaf, he knew his name.  I’d fed him twice and did an experiment to test his hearing  at least thirty times.  Each time I’d wait till his eyes were turned away from me and I’d call his name.  He’d look at me.  Nine times out of ten.  He is 13 today and certainly not the least bit deaf.

The medication Gentamycin has a strong hearing loss component as do some infections and very, very extreme jaundice, a rarity.  So why tell hundreds of families that their baby is deaf when it’s not even 3 pounds or verbal yet?  Ask the question:  “Who benefits?”  I believe it’s from lobbying for state laws mandating hearing tests of newborns by an industry that needs money. Certainly multiple hearing tests of these infants is not doing the baby any good or the family.  It’s harming the family for useless information.  Every mother will know if she has a deaf child by the time he’s 3 months old (corrected age). Then it’s time for hearing tests.

Headaches and Calcium

Years of ‘migraines’ have taught me that there are multiple causes and low calcium is probably a major cause.  As those who have experienced the leg cramps of pregnancy know, low calcium causes muscle spasms and leg cramps (especially at night).  Muscle spasms of the neck cause tension headache type of migraine and taking extra calcium diminishes both the frequency and the intensity of it.

Calcium is a fragile mineral and with age, low calcium symptoms show up quickly.  Vitamin D is essential to metabolizing and storing dietary calcium and magnesium  and supplements are generally combinations of all three.

Fluorescent lights chelate Vitamin D and you excrete it.  Mineral oil by mouth or on the skin also remove absorbtion of Vitamin D.  D is the sunshine vitamin and is absorbed by the skin.

Supplement calcium ranges from completely undigestible (oyster shell calcium) to easily digestible (calcium citrate is from oranges and lemons etc.)

Respect Your Body

The only time  a vegetarian, non-smoking, good exercise, low stress lifestyle patient appeared  in ICU was after being hit by a drunk driver.  Fifty years of nursing, all of it at the cutting edge of medicine, has taught me respect and disrespect.  Most of all, it’s taught me to Stay Healthy.

Weight and Ankle Joints

In the 1950s, women began to wear 1/4 inch spike heels, beautiful to look at but very bad for hardwood floors.  Finally places began to post signs ‘no spike heels’ and the style changed.  Hardwood floors everywhere were damaged by hundreds of deep indentations in the shape of the heel.

Studies were done that showed that a woman weighing 115 pounds put 2,500 pounds of pressure on the floor with each heel step and this rule holds true also for the internal pressure point of the ankle joint.

Huge pressures on the ankle joint in someone weighing hundreds of pounds compresses cartilage until there is no longer a cushion.

Calculating Weight on the Ankle Joint

The hardwood flooring industry calculated that someone weighing 115 pounds was putting 2,500 pounds pressure on a floor when wearing a 1/4 spike heel.

With these 2 numbers you can get a percent, which is 2174%.  then, using the percent as the constant, you can see the number of pounds removed from  the joint when losing 4 pounds for example and how much weight off of the joint with every footstep after losing 25 pounds.

The next frame shows the amount of weight on that 1/4 inch point of the ankle joint for someone weighing 300 pounds.

Serendipity, the Meat of Life

Serendipity is the effect by which one accidentally discovers something fortunate, especially while looking for something else entirely.’

Once in awhile, there happens an unexpected exchange between strangers that is charming and delightful and leaves both with a smile that lasts. It probably comes from that part of us that Psychologists call the Natural Child.  The imp.

Then there are those who set it up:

An example is driving a 280Z through empty freeway in northern California in the middle of the night,  a chance encounter with another car, and you begin to rally race with each other, fifty miles of it, expert driving with intellectualism… is it accidental or is he joining this race car game.  You know for sure when, just before turning off, he flashes his lights at you.  Thank you, whoever you were.

Super controllers, those who are always negative or angry, those who are filled with fear and angst, the depressed and the sleep deprived  rarely experience serendipity and that’s a shame.