Nail Fungus Cure

Nurses and others who work with rubber gloves on are prone to nail fungus.  A co-worker introduced me to this long ago and it most certainly works, works on hands and feet.

There is a maxim that for every disease God gave mankind, there is a cure in nature. Nature’s cure for nail fungus is still the very best.

The herb, Thyme is a powerful antifungal and the cure for nail fungus is Thymol 3% in Acetone.  You will probably recognize the smell from your grandmother’s house and as a child I never saw nail fungus. Compounding pharmacists praise it but most doctors never heard of it and they find excuses not to prescribe it, such as:  “You need to make an office visit.” where they argue for the very harsh pills, or “It’s not recognized by the FDA.”.

Thymol is an oil of the thyme herb that you cook with and there is a less expensive way of getting it. Listerine mouthwash, the yellow kind is made of Thyme and Eucalyptus and has a similar effect on the nail.  

Because the prescription Thymol is so expensive, you apply it with a Q-tip, letting it soak into the yeast debris under the nail, and around the entire nail.  It’s not absorbed systemically.  The Listerine cure is so cheap you can just soak all your nails in it.

Soak the nails in Listerine when they are dry.  Feet wet from bath or shower will have soaked the sponge-like debris under the nails  leaving no room to absorb the Listerine.   

It will take awhile to see the difference and it first appears when the new nail close to the cuticle looks pink and healthy.  It takes almost a year for the entire nail to grow out.  The thickened part at the end of the nail is yeast debris and it should look thinner each time the nail is trimmed.

So.  I grew some Thyme last year to make a poultice and it was just a big mess.

UPDATE:  It took 8 months to grow out but today the nails are finally normal.  Beautiful feet again. I only used the Thymol two to three times a week.  Probably the first application kills the yeast and 8 months is growing out the nail time.  Applying it around the nail bed may prevent new yeast or because it’s not absorbed by skin, it may do nothing.  Prescriptions for this are expensive, $44, but it shouldn’t be hard to find someone to share.