Why do People Use Blowers?

Why not vacuum sidewalks instead?

Think about what’s in that cloud of dust.

  • Dirt
  • Mold spores
  • Dog, cat, rat, possum, raccoon urine
  • Maybe some human urine

All of it just moved around, not removed.

All of it breathed into the lungs of the one holding the blower. Because the urine is no longer wet does not mean it’s gone.  It’s just dehydrated and in the moisture of your nose and mouth, it redydrates.

Not healthy.  Very disgusting.

Little Children Need Water

We forget, it doesn’t occur to us but little children can’t get their own water, maybe even bigger children.  They can’t reach a glass or the sink and must ask every time so they probably only wait until they are really thirsty.  Figure out a way to put a fresh bottle of water (and crack open the cap) somewhere down low every day.

  • A story:  When I nursed the newest baby, I’d become very thirsty.  My little children would bring me wonderful glasses of water until I realized no-one was tall enough to reach the sink. So their father came out of the bathroom one day asking: “Why is there a paper cup dispenser on the wall next to the toilet.”  I said: “Because I don’t want them spreading germs.” Well, that didn’t solve my problem so I put one of those blue things into the tank and a sign up saying… ‘Don’t drink blue water’.