Every person has as much right to all the benefites of earth as a king, simply because we were born human.

We are all muddling through this life experience together and supporting each other. Being careful of others, tending to our own stuff would make it an interesting adventure, but in America at least, this becomes further from reality every day.

The other side of this coin is evil and increasingly, evil is winning.  This is evil and it pretty much defines the American culture today:

  • Hurting another’s self-esteem, dreams, goals, personality  because it makes one feel powerful and alive!  Nasty parents and school bullies.  (A parent or teacher who  watches silently is absolutely complicit.)
  • Destroying another’s hard work.
  • Stealing what another has earned.
  • Killing another human.  Up close or war, it’s all the same.
  • Hurting another’s body.
  • Going through life, causing mayhem and not giving it another thought.
  • Selfishness.

“But it was an accident!”  Wrong.  There are no accidents. Hurting people with a car when drunk driving is no accident.

“But the bible says they are evil.”  Giving permission to hate other’s in the name of God has been around for a very long time.  Self-righteous stereotyping is destroying our ability to like each other, we have become suspicious and afraid of each other and therefore, isolated.

In every dysfunctional social exchange there is one-up and one-down.  It can be fixed, first of all, by understanding the mechanism.  Born to Win is a simple and fascinating way to understanding and to repair.