Rule Out Allergy Headache

ALLERGENS:  Allergens enter the body through the nose, mouth and skin and they have a half-life  (the amount of time it takes the body to metabolize them out).  that can range from hours to days.  The diagnosis for allergy headaches is Claretin, an over the counter anti-histamine that will not make you drowsy.  If it’s a short term allergy, the headache will fade.  An allergy headache that lasts for many days or weeks may mean that it’s in the house or workplace, some toxin in the environment or walls that reinfects constantly.

  • Search your house for mold or call an expert with equipment to find hidden mold.  Glidden sells a vapor barrier paint that is rated to 2 mils of plastic.  There is another product, Ames Vapor-Barrier paint  that, with 3 coats gives a vapor barrier the thickness of a dime.
  • If the house is new construction, go to an ancient hotel for 3 nights and when the symptoms clear, go back to your house. If the headache returns the toxin is probably in the bedroom because it’s the place one spends the biggest block of uninterrupted time. A house built with particle board will have formaldehyde leaking through walls.
  • Food allergy diagnosis:  Make your diet very simple for at least 2 days.  Then add foods one at a time.  Start with dairy.  When a headache starts, stop eating the newest food added.  Shrimp /Shellfish has an allergy with very severe headache and it’s instantaneous.  MSG also.
  • Some perfumes, hair sprays, deodorants, lotions, body powders etc.  in America from the 1990s to about 2005 contained a chemical in the Butyric Acid family that caused the smell to remain in the room long after the person had left.  One breath of this chemical could be allergic in the form of asthma to an instant blinding headache that could last up to 4 days.  It was outlawed in European cosmetics and has, after lawsuits, been removed from American cosmetics.    French and European perfumes are made of flowers and they are expensive.  (It takes bushels of rose petals to make one oz. of perfume.)    The link Perfume Anaylsis  gives a gas chromatography and mass spectrometry analyzed list of ingredients of two popular American perfumes.  Not all American cosmetics contain  chemicals.  Essential Oils and organic perfumes are lovely and safe.

A Very Bad Pacifier

Very good in NICU, but using this pacifier with older infants and children creates problems with feeding, tongue and teeth.

About 20 years ago, a new pacifier came into production designed for babies in NICU.  It was completely latex free which was it’s feature.

It is OK for very small NICU babies… definitely not OK for bigger babies.  This is why.

Teaches bad sucking:  There are 2 ways a baby gets milk out of the bottle or breast; by sucking, an event that uses tongue, palate and cheeks to pull a stream of milk out and by chewing the end of the nipple which only empties milk at the end of the nipple into the baby’s mouth.  A full term baby is born knowing how to suck, he has probably been sucking a thumb for months, but not so the preemie.  Sucking occurs at the back of the tongue and he must be taught.

Keeps the tongue in the front of the mouth or sticking out of the mouth: There is not enough of a hub on this nipple to capture for sucking or to keep the pacifier from falling out of  the mouth when at rest. Therefore the baby must press it against the top of his mouth with his tongue, and this is a mistake.  You can understand the problem if you put this pacifier in your mouth and attempt to hold it in place without using bottom teeth.  Then try sucking on it, there is no bulb to keep the back of the tongue down and curled… no way to engage it to suck and therefore it essentially blocks the throat.

Risking ‘buck teeth’:  The basic physical things a baby learns remain his preference for a lifetime.  Learning to apply pressure with the tongue against the upper ridge of teeth will possibly cause him to tongue-thrust during deep sleep.  This applies heavy pressure against the back of his upper teeth, pushing them outward.  Braces will change it but his tongue thrusting will continue recreating the problem.  The tip of the tongue has a normal position, gently resting against the upper palate.

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