It Only Takes Seconds to Make a Child Autistic.

If your child was normal and speaking before the age of three, and suddenly he withdrew and only made sounds… SOMETHING HAPPENED TO HIM.

Something so terrifying, so world shattering, so beyond his comprehension that he could not process it.

And you may not have been in the room.

From birth to two and a half, a child’s main focus, his every thought is to define and understand what is human.

The thing that happened to him is Television.  Not the programs, you can control that.  It’s the commercials quickly flipping on and off when a toddler walks by…

In the 1990s software appeared that could morph one thing into something else and it began… to accelerate.  Commercials where a man in a suit, talking has his head suddenly burst into flame.  Another where a man’s head becomes a cat.

The horrified child is thinking:  “When will daddy’s head burst into flames?”. ” Will my head be a cat?”, “Is a cat really a person?”

More recently a man in a suit is talking and he rotates where you see the back of his head is gone and in the space is a band playing.  Now there are commercials where flames come out of a man’s body, again a man wearing a suit.  Another where there are big holes in a person’s body that you can see through.

We must begin talking about this, good sensible talking, sharing information.  No name calling, no ‘experts’ saying this idea is wrong.  Just common sense.  I can tell you the event that made my daughter autistic, not TV but something so terrifying to her that she changed.  I can tell you the date and time my son became gray, tachycardic, sweating with terror when he saw Captain Kangaroo’s Grandfather Clock, a clock with the face of a human.  His physical reaction happened instantly when the clock began to talk.  I turned the TV off but it was too late. He was two and a half and he changed in that minute, he withdrew and lost trust in humanity.  He would score in the Autistic Quotient test.

An infant and young child is not just a little adult and he is not a blank slate.  He has a brilliant mind involved in learning a language, often two, maybe three.  He is problem-solving constantly, defining a question  and working out the solution and he is learning how to please the parents (food source), he is figuring out what is human and how the world works.

So we as a society can just wait for studies to be done so experts can tell us what to believe or we can turn the television off and provide a gentle, safe surrounding for young children.

My baby was diagnosed at 11 months and ‘they’ wanted to institutionalize her.  I said: “Over my dead body.”  and the adventure began.  I did nothing for 2 years but work her out of it, and another 2 years to cement her sense of a safe world. She was severely Autistic and stared at lights, made the loud, monotone, no-tears cry that parents of autistic children know and dread, and she would not be touched or even approached.  Now she is perfect, beautiful, fully normal, genius mind and fearless.

This was in 1971..  Five years later the book Son Rise  by Barry Neil Kaufman came out and they had done pretty much the same thing I had and with the same result.

Just turn television off.  There is no way you can moderate what your child sees on the commercials and you cannot risk turning his life and your life into hell forever.



Children’s Ear Infections, the Cause and Cure

Don’t let young children blow their noses!

Sinus means cavity and our faces have 4 of them.  Two in the forehead and two large ones in the cheekbones close to the nose.  When born, these sinus spaces are closed and as the child grows to adulthood, the sinus’ elongate filling with air and the face lengthens.

The Eustachian tube  goes from the area behind the nose to the middle ear.  In children under 7, the Eustachian tube is short and more horizontal due to the compressed sinus.

Therefore, if the child has stuff running from his nose and he blows, the stuff (schmutz)  will be forced into the short Eustachian tube and into the ear where it multiplies, causing pain and bulging the eardrum, often with enough pressure to burst the eardrum.  Then the mucosa swells, closing the little hole that drains the ear.  (Bacteria need a perfect culture medium to multiply and this dark, moist, warm, sweet apace provides that.)

You can fix it.  A marvelous Pediatrician, Dr. Robert Day,  taught me this long ago, using nose drops designed to reduce swelling…

Privine is an over the counter nose drop that’s been around for a long time and it instantly reduces swelling..  They’re the only drops that work and hard to find.  Amazon has them also.  (Nose sprays don’t work for this trick.)

Open and drain the ear canal:

  • Lay on the the child on the bed with head slightly tilted back over the edge and put one drop into each nostril.  Wait a few minutes.
  • Now, still tipped back,  turn the head slightly to one side and put another drop into the nostril on that side.  Wait again.  He can feel a tiny pop as the sinus tract opens.
  • Repeat this with the other side.
  • Sitting up, he will feel the secretions running down the back of the throat.
You can get rid of the schmutz by just wiping the nose but that will make the skin sore.  Kid’s instinct is to eat it and this causes no harm (other than being disgusting).  Stomach acids will kill the bacteria.  Mucous in the stomach is not digested so if there is enough of it, the child may throw it up and that’s fine.

End Winter Colds

To prevent winter colds put water pans in bedrooms, under the beds is fine.  In one day, adults loose 200cc of water from breathing (one large glass full) and this must be replaced by moisture in the air we breathe back in.  If the air is dry, and it becomes dry with the heat on, the nasal and bronchial mucosa thickens to protect itself.  This thickness is the perfect culture media for the first bacteria that flies by!  It’s warm, sweet, dark and moist.  This is how colds begin.  Echinacea increases t-cells to fight the bacteria and Vit. C  kills it.  At one time in evolution these things were in our diets but difficult these days so they should be added.  The water pans should have a large surface exposed to air.  In Wisconsin, they were in everyone’s home.

I have had many beginnings of colds in the last 40 years but only one severe one.  (A co-worker came to work sick and spread it everywhere… in an NICU!  Employees who go to work sick ought to be punished as should parents who send sick children to school.)  At the first tiny glimmer of a cold, I fluff up the pillows, dress warmly, get a good book, some tea, take Echinacea (the root, not flowers, roots are concentrated) and drink Odwalla C-Monster.  The cold lasts 1 day, no green stuff, no coughing, no fever, just the tiny scratch to the throat that’s the first clue.

To fix chest congestion use Vicks Vapor Rub on the skin.  It contains Camphorated Oil, Eucalyptus and Menthol.  Camphorated Oil, rubbed on the chest and covered with a little piece of cloth, wool is best.  It acts as a counter-irritant, bringing greater blood supply to the outside of the chest (the skin gets pink) but it  also brings increased blood supply to the inside of the chest cavity.  This loosens the thicken mucosa and it’s coughed up.  Never take Vicks Vapor Rub internally!

Kids should be calm and quiet when they are sick.  Make them go to bed. The time when a cold is risky business is if the cause is a Strep bacteria and not a virus.  Strep creates debris and if the patient is active, that debris can get pumped everywhere in the body.  Streptococcus A causes Strep throat, an extremely sore throat with white things spotted on the back of the throat.  That’s  bacterial debris and can migrate throughout the body causing kidney damage, Rheumatic Fever or Sub-acute Bacterial Endocarditis, an infection inside the heart.  SBE produces bacterial debris plaques which stick to the underside of heart valves and can, with exertion, break loose into the blood stream and plug the first small size blood vessel which is often in the brain, causing a stroke.  Use the handle of a spoon and with a flashlight, check the back your child’s sore throat, maybe morning and night for white spots. This is the ‘cold’ that needs antibiotics.  Antibiotics do nothing for virus infections and simply sensitize the body to the medication, meaning that it loses the ability to kill bacteria. Strep is mostly seen in school age children.