Weight and Ankle Joints

In the 1950s, women began to wear 1/4 inch spike heels, beautiful to look at but very bad for hardwood floors.  Finally places began to post signs ‘no spike heels’ and the style changed.  Hardwood floors everywhere were damaged by hundreds of deep indentations in the shape of the heel.

Studies were done that showed that a woman weighing 115 pounds put 2,500 pounds of pressure on the floor with each heel step and this rule holds true also for the internal pressure point of the ankle joint.

Huge pressures on the ankle joint in someone weighing hundreds of pounds compresses cartilage until there is no longer a cushion.

Calculating Weight on the Ankle Joint

The hardwood flooring industry calculated that someone weighing 115 pounds was putting 2,500 pounds pressure on a floor when wearing a 1/4 spike heel.

With these 2 numbers you can get a percent, which is 2174%.  then, using the percent as the constant, you can see the number of pounds removed from  the joint when losing 4 pounds for example and how much weight off of the joint with every footstep after losing 25 pounds.

The next frame shows the amount of weight on that 1/4 inch point of the ankle joint for someone weighing 300 pounds.