Stop Vertigo. Stop Headaches

The middle ear has a tiny bone that floats in a gel.  It’s our gyroscope.  If the gel thickens, this bone can’t move as fast as it should but the brain still thinks it’s moving fast and one gets dizzy /vertigo.. sometimes massive and reeling.

I read this cure years ago and it worked for me and for the hundreds of people I passed it on to:

Stand in the shower and let the hot water pound on the back of your neck.

Hang on to the wall and close your eyes because this’ll make you dizzy.

Now, SLOWLY, rotate your head in all of the axis.. ear to shoulder tilt, back and forth, then turn chin over shoulder, each side, again and again slowly, and then head back and chin tuck, again and again and slowly.

This teaches the brain to obey the slower signals of the middle ear, it adjusts it’s response to the thickened fluid of the middle ear and the vertigo is gone.

While doing this you may become aware that you have much less range of motion in the neck so next, stretch your neck (this works for headaches too).

With the hot water of the shower against your neck (to chelate and excrete any lactic acid pooling in the muscles from stretching them), repeat the movements of the neck  but extend them into the stretch.  Use one hand to push your head and when you reach a point of maximum stretch, keep your head there for the count of 10 and continue stretching from that point on.  You will be amazed at the flexibility you can regain.