End Hotflashes

Hot flashes today are nasty, worse than in our grandmother’s day, because we are losing the vitamins and minerals essential to modify them.

This trick works. Absolutely.

Hot flashes begin at the age your mother and grandmother were when theirs began.  Usually in the mid fifties.  And they can make you crazy.  The body blistering hot, covered with sweat and then, in the next minute, wet and freezing cold.  Not once a day.  In the beginning maybe 50, 60 times a day and then during the night. Forever.

Low Calcium also causes those massive leg cramps at night.  They also happen during pregnancy when calcium is depleted by nourishing the baby’s growth.

The solution is replacing Calcium, Magnesium and Vitamin D, materials we lose through age and living in this modern world, . The normal, routine dose is 1,000 mg  Calcium, (Magnesium and Vitamin D are included in correct balance) and 400 Units of Vitamin E every day.

Vitamin D is essential for metabolism of Calcium and it’s lost through chelation from exposure to flourescent lights and it’s absorbtion from sunlight is blocked by Mineral Oil based lotions. on the skin.  (Working twelve-hour shifts, five in a row with fragile Calcium and under flourescent lights, I’d have bad leg cramps and exhausting hot flashes and that was a clue.  I began researching.)  It takes almost a half gallon of milk a day to gain enough Calcium.

Magnesium is the web, the framework if you will, and Calcium is the material that fills the web to form healthy teeth and bones.

Some forms of Calcium are indigestible, Calcium carbonate is chalk and not metabolized. Calcium Citrate is the most easily digestible and is from citrus fruit. CalAbsorb contains Magnesium and Vit. D in the correct balance, is easily digestible and tastes good.  No big tablets, it’s a powder to mix with water or juice.  You can Google to find sales.  Country Life brand Calcium Citrate in capsule form is often on sale in health food stores and internet.

Calcium and Vitamin E have levels so it may take a few days to see results. You will know when your level is reached when the hot flashes are extremely mild and, in some cases, when there is a bit of pale pink spotting every 28 days. Hot flashes never really end, but this routine will make them so mild you’ll not notice them.

If in treatment for cancer, please ask your doctor if you should take these supplements.  

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Fix Rotator Cuff and Frozen Shoulder


  • A sharp, intense, straight line pain on the outside of the arm, just below the bottom of the shoulder bone that hurts when the arm is raised.
  • Caused by a sudden, pulling trauma to the arm.

Stop the pain, and protect the joint:

  • Fasten your arm down at night.  During sleep, rolling over onto the arm in bad alignment causes extreme pain and more damage to the cuff and the  joint.  The OTC Shoulder Immobilizer with sling and swathe is the only style of sling that correctly splints the shoulder, fastening the upper arm to your side and holding the wrist firmly, reducing abduction and arm rotation.
    No other type of splint works.  Photo is below and it’s available at Walgreens and Amazon.

Apply Kinesio tape

  • The world was introduced to Kinesio tape while watching American Keri Walsh playing beach basketball at the Bejing Olympics with a torn rotator cuff.  She showed no sign of pain, no hesitation in movement and great strength.
  • You can apply Kinesio at home, shower with it and bathe with it on for 2-3 weeks each application.  It’s available on Amazon and some sporting goods stores.  There are now copy tapes on the market but they do not have the same effect.
  • Before applying the tape, have the skin clean and dry.  Then round the corners of each piece of tape so it won’t begin to roll off.  I put a great deal of traction on each piece.  Lift the arm out to the side, shoulder high, shoulders back and straight. Put the 2 shorter pieces on first and then the longer piece over top. Illustrations below.
  • How does Kinesio work?  The sticky side has waved ridges in a diagonal pattern and with every movement, the ridges lift the deep layers of skin to allow continuous drainage of lymph.  There is no other tape that does this.

Kinesio is also used to reduce lymphoedema.   There is a how-to book on Amazon.


  • Not raising the arm and bracing it reduces the joint’s ability to continue a free range of motion and it rapidly becomes a ‘frozen shoulder’, a joint that has become so solid a mass from adhesions (tough fiber bands), created by inflammation that one can no longer put a shirt on or get a fork to the mouth. When the shoulder joint is frozen, lifting the arm comes from the collar bone, ‘hunching the shoulder’  and has no effect of loosening the shoulder.
  • If the shoulder is frozen, you must break the adhesions.  Injecting the joint is fantastically painful and it doesn’t work.  (Be careful of your memories!).   These adhesions can be broken under general anesthesia but there is a poor man’s way, no more painful than the shoulder in general.  Choose a very strong friend.  Sit on the floor, back against the sofa, legs crossed.  Have the friend put his knee on your shoulder, (between the shoulder and your neck), firmly grab the arm close to the shoulder and quickly force it all the way up straight.  When it’s up straight, have him rotate the arm through the full arc of the socket.  Give him great thanks and undying gratitude and head for a hot shower.  With hot water beating on the shoulder joint, put your hand against the wall and walk it up, slowly higher and higher.  The heat allows you to go beyond the limits of pain and it chelates lactic acid from the muscles.  Do this twice a day if you can.  There may be little residual pains in the rotator cuff but ignore them, they will vanish.
  • You must keep the shoulder moving in a full range of motion frequently during the day so new adhesions won’t form.  Rotate the arm, pull your arm over your head,  walk the hand up a wall often, leaning into it to stretch the muscles.  It feels so very good.
  • Note:  It’s important that you don’t have the friend yank on the arm. You don’t want the adhesions to pull off of the bone because that will cause bleeding into the joint and make further adhesions. It’s the thing that caused them in the first place. Have him hold the arm close to the shoulder (holding it further down will risk breaking the bone) and without pulling, quickly bend the arm straight up. This will hurt you much less than the pain you have now. (adhesions have no pain receptors).

Get Rid of Crows, Squirrels and Maybe Deer.

There are few solutions to discouraging crows and critters from city gardens but frightening them is easy, non-toxic and always  works.  They are all afraid of fire.

Crows will usually spend only one day in a tree and then move to another unless they are nesting and have eggs.  They travel and nest in flocks, often huge.  They become territorial and bold, attacking  cats, dogs and sometimes people.

Twisted Mylar ribbon, when hung from a high point and allowed to hang freely, will move as flames in a fire, warding off crows and squirrels but not the little songbirds.  Crows immediately silence and within minutes they leave your trees. They will move into trees nearby and out of sight of your ribbons so when making  Mylar twists, make extra and pass them out to your neighbors.

Only the twisted loops of red and silver, in the sun and moving, completely mimic flames and are the best.  Untwisted streamers need a strong wind to move them about and do not look like fire.  Twisting  the tape provides loops at the bottom that catch wind like a sail making them move with only a slight breeze.

The plain silver are holographic and when caught in the sun, reflect with thousands of prisms and changing colors.  While this does not mimic flame, holographic images confuse animals and apparently crows also.

Hanging these in larger clumps may also ward off deer and hopefully local  raccoons.

To look like fire, the Mylar must be twisted.  Cut a piece as long as your arms will reach or less.  Twist it about 5 times (3 for shorter lengths) and join the 2 ends.  Now twist again several times and again join the ends. Staple the ends together and tie  a string tightly around the stapled end to hang.  

If the crows return it will be brief and only because there is not enough wind to move the Mylar. They leave when the hanging begins to move again.

The red and silver Mylar ribbon, called “Bird B Gone Flash Tape” is available at Home Depot and Amazon,

Stop a Sinus Headache

Sinuses are cavities in the face with holes that drain them.  Headaches happen because the holes get plugged or swollen shut and fluid builds up inside, pressing on  the nerves.  The pair of sinuses that cause headaches are in the cheekbones and there’s a way to open these holes that have been closed by swelling.

Privine is an over the counter nose drop that’s been around for a long time and it instantly reduces swelling..  They’re the only drops that work and hard to find.  Amazon has them also.  (Nose sprays don’t work for this trick.)

Open your sinuses:

  • Lay on the bed with your head slightly tilted back over the edge and put one drop into each nostril.  Wait a few minutes.
  • Now, still tipped back,  turn the head slightly to one side and put another drop into the nostril on that side.  Wait again. Sometimes you can feel a tiny pop as the sinus tract opens.
  • Repeat this with the other side.
  • Sit up and you can feel the secretions running down the back of your throat.

Thanks to the brilliant doctor who taught me this trick so long ago.

Holding and Carrying the Baby

First time parents are afraid to touch the tiny baby and handle him stiffly but there’s a way to fix that. Before a feeding, sit with your partner, cross legged on the bed and practice handing the baby back and forth, putting him up to the shoulder, different feeding positions and practice the football hold. (Holding his head in your hand, his back along your forearm, legs on either side of your elbow.  This allows you full control, he can see your face and you can clamp his leg against your body for a more secure carry.)

About sling carriers… with a one piece cloth sling carrier,  gravity forces the newborn down into a deep curve at the bottom, bending his head so the chin is tight against his chest.  This can obstruct, clamp-off the airway.

Important in an infant carrier is stability, supporting the head and exposing the face to air. The perfect front or back carrier and one that keeps the newborn’s chin up and carries  growing children easily is the Boba,  (formerly SleepyWrap). Their page of pictures is very exciting. Almost makes you want to have another baby!


Thin Hair

Whenever I’d meet a patient with thick, wonderful hair I’d ask her what she did to keep it that way and get the same answers… brush with a wire brush and take Cod Liver Oil, (the great majority of these women were European).

The wire brush stimulates the scalp, increases blood flow to it and feels great. It should have smooth rounded tips, not one with the tips attached so that the hair catches in it. Brookstone had the perfect brush but it seems to be gone.

The Cod Liver oil must be cold water cod which is only Norwegian Cod Liver oil. It comes in capsules and is available everywhere.

And then, it seems we are lacking in some minerals needed to keep hair from falling out.

A story:

  • For 2 years I commuted to LA every week and when in LA, my hair was not falling out. Returning to Portland, every morning’s lost hair was alarming. The most important difference was that in LA, I drank only bottled water. It seemed that it wasn’t just bottled water but specifically  Arowhead water that stopped the hair loss and grew lovely thick, long hair.  (Only the water from Arowhead California in the San Bernardino Mountains grows hair, and you can tell it because the taste is a bit flat.  The other source is sold in Washington State and Canada and this water tastes sweet.)

Stress will make hair fall out, so one worries about becoming bald which adds to the stress.  Bad hair loss in women presents a dilemma, should you shampoo often or not.  The answer is yes. Failing to keep the scalp free of dandruff plaques will smother hair follicles and prevent new growth.

Then there is post-partum hair loss.  Dreaded.  It’s hormonal and happens at three months and three weeks after birth of a child. Don’t worry, it grows back.

CPR. No More Mouth to Mouth

After ten years of research, new protocol is changing CPR to compressions only and it makes perfect sense.

The American Heart Association now states that “compression-only CPR works as well as, and sometimes better than, traditional CPR.  A study by the university of Arizona claimed a 300% greater success rate over standard CPR. The exceptions were in the case of drowning or drug overdose.”

Compressions only CPR has been used in Japan and much of Europe for many years.

A correctly done compression will depress the rib cage enough to exhale and release will act to inhale.

‘Room air’ is 21% oxygen and the lowest oxygen concentration available.  The area from bronchi to the outside edge of the nose, however is not oxygen, it’s called ‘dead space‘ (because there is no way to exhale all of the CO2 from the tubes leading to the lungs.)

Extending the dead space by adding a tube, increases carbon dioxide (CO2) and therefore reduces oxygen available to hemoglobin.   Adding the dead space length of the rescuer is adding a tube and reduces inspired Oxygen from room air to maybe 17%.

The addition of a tube and disturbed O2 /CO2 balance is in effect with scuba divers also.

Clean Brushes. No Turpentine

The oil of oranges lifts old hardened paint with no damage to what’s underneath.  Brushes left for months can be restored to workable again, soft and pliable.

Orange oil is in only one product.  Fantastic, Orange Action.  It smells like oranges, leaves no film, removes paint from fine hardwood floors, window casings, and probably from many other hard surfaces.  It replaces turpentine and is certainly safe to the environment.

Fantastic Orange is sold at Home Depot for sure.  Grocery store shelves are lined with orange colored cleaners in spray bottles but none of them contain orange oils.  Only Fantastic by S.C. Johnson.

Some Arguing Tricks

Have an off-site Partner Meeting with your mate once a month to discuss how it’s going, how each child is doing, what you would like to change and to make new goals.  Keys to success …

  • Prepare for the meeting.  Make a list and notes.
  • Stay positive and avoid anger.
  • Go with the foundation belief that everything is just a mechanical problem, everyone is good and everything is fixable.
  • Meet in a restaurant with booths for private conversation.
  • Mom can’t cry.
  • Dad can’t shout.
  • The conversation should be about circumstances and not about each other (ad hominum)
  • Have no alcohol before and only coffee or tea during the meeting.  Eating is too complicated and distracting  and may cause stomach ache.  This is a serious meeting.
  • Define the problem.  Devise and problem solve solutions.   Make a plan and a secret signal between you to remind each other of your new goals.

A plan of this sort reduces daily argument.  One tends to save an issue for Partner Meeting and add more thoughts about it, calm thoughts, problem solving thoughts throughout the month.

Ignoring parenting problems is embedding the consequences forever and probably for generations.

What you accept, you teach.

ICE In Case of Emergency

In accidents, police and EMTs look for the victim’s cell phone to see who to call.

To signal your wishes, put space, space ICE on the phone with the phone number of your emergency contact.  The spaces before ICE will move it to the top of your phone list.  They all read ICE as In Case of Emergency.

Then tell that person and give her the list of who she should call and maybe in what order, who should take the pets, secure the house etc.