Frightened Dogs

July 4th was like a war zone here.  Five hours of non stop, huge firecrackers and the  M-60s.  As a trauma nurse I hate them.  As a dog lover the entire event breaks my heart.

Thirty years ago, my big dog had a stroke and died because the people across the street threw an M-60 at her.  Last year, the Portland dog pound had 79 run away dogs, 35 were claimed and the rest were put to sleep.

None of this would have happened if the dogs had been in a dark room with the music of PACIFE playing.  Be ready for next July 4th and for thunder which also frightens dogs.

Tell your friends about PACIFE,  twitter it, email it.  It’s available on iTunes and Amazon as mp3 files and CDs are here.  Email  for brochures, ask your pet store to carry it, ask the vet.  Help get the word out.

Calm Frantic Dogs on 4th of July

The music of PACIFE was constructed to calm babies and families began playing it for their dogs who where terrified by the fireworks during the 4th of July.

Is your dog a nervous wreck?   Download it now from iTunes or Amazon, put in into an iPod or on CD, put the dogs in a darkened room, play it for them and watch.

Then run to the phone and tell all your friends.

PACIFE also calms horses in the barn and on the road.

…  and it will quiet children, babies and you.