End Hotflashes

Hot flashes today are nasty, worse than in our grandmother’s day, because we are losing the vitamins and minerals essential to modify them.

This trick works. Absolutely.

Hot flashes begin at the age your mother and grandmother were when theirs began.  Usually in the mid fifties.  And they can make you crazy.  The body blistering hot, covered with sweat and then, in the next minute, wet and freezing cold.  Not once a day.  In the beginning maybe 50, 60 times a day and then during the night. Forever.

Low Calcium also causes those massive leg cramps at night.  They also happen during pregnancy when calcium is depleted by nourishing the baby’s growth.

The solution is replacing Calcium, Magnesium and Vitamin D, materials we lose through age and living in this modern world, . The normal, routine dose is 1,000 mg  Calcium, (Magnesium and Vitamin D are included in correct balance) and 400 Units of Vitamin E every day.

Vitamin D is essential for metabolism of Calcium and it’s lost through chelation from exposure to flourescent lights and it’s absorbtion from sunlight is blocked by Mineral Oil based lotions. on the skin.  (Working twelve-hour shifts, five in a row with fragile Calcium and under flourescent lights, I’d have bad leg cramps and exhausting hot flashes and that was a clue.  I began researching.)  It takes almost a half gallon of milk a day to gain enough Calcium.

Magnesium is the web, the framework if you will, and Calcium is the material that fills the web to form healthy teeth and bones.

Some forms of Calcium are indigestible, Calcium carbonate is chalk and not metabolized. Calcium Citrate is the most easily digestible and is from citrus fruit. CalAbsorb contains Magnesium and Vit. D in the correct balance, is easily digestible and tastes good.  No big tablets, it’s a powder to mix with water or juice.  You can Google to find sales.  Country Life brand Calcium Citrate in capsule form is often on sale in health food stores and internet.

Calcium and Vitamin E have levels so it may take a few days to see results. You will know when your level is reached when the hot flashes are extremely mild and, in some cases, when there is a bit of pale pink spotting every 28 days. Hot flashes never really end, but this routine will make them so mild you’ll not notice them.

If in treatment for cancer, please ask your doctor if you should take these supplements.  

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Stop a Sinus Headache

Sinuses are cavities in the face with holes that drain them.  Headaches happen because the holes get plugged or swollen shut and fluid builds up inside, pressing on  the nerves.  The pair of sinuses that cause headaches are in the cheekbones and there’s a way to open these holes that have been closed by swelling.

Privine is an over the counter nose drop that’s been around for a long time and it instantly reduces swelling..  They’re the only drops that work and hard to find.  Amazon has them also.  (Nose sprays don’t work for this trick.)

Open your sinuses:

  • Lay on the bed with your head slightly tilted back over the edge and put one drop into each nostril.  Wait a few minutes.
  • Now, still tipped back,  turn the head slightly to one side and put another drop into the nostril on that side.  Wait again. Sometimes you can feel a tiny pop as the sinus tract opens.
  • Repeat this with the other side.
  • Sit up and you can feel the secretions running down the back of your throat.

Thanks to the brilliant doctor who taught me this trick so long ago.

Thin Hair

Whenever I’d meet a patient with thick, wonderful hair I’d ask her what she did to keep it that way and get the same answers… brush with a wire brush and take Cod Liver Oil, (the great majority of these women were European).

The wire brush stimulates the scalp, increases blood flow to it and feels great. It should have smooth rounded tips, not one with the tips attached so that the hair catches in it. Brookstone had the perfect brush but it seems to be gone.

The Cod Liver oil must be cold water cod which is only Norwegian Cod Liver oil. It comes in capsules and is available everywhere.

And then, it seems we are lacking in some minerals needed to keep hair from falling out.

A story:

  • For 2 years I commuted to LA every week and when in LA, my hair was not falling out. Returning to Portland, every morning’s lost hair was alarming. The most important difference was that in LA, I drank only bottled water. It seemed that it wasn’t just bottled water but specifically  Arowhead water that stopped the hair loss and grew lovely thick, long hair.  (Only the water from Arowhead California in the San Bernardino Mountains grows hair, and you can tell it because the taste is a bit flat.  The other source is sold in Washington State and Canada and this water tastes sweet.)

Stress will make hair fall out, so one worries about becoming bald which adds to the stress.  Bad hair loss in women presents a dilemma, should you shampoo often or not.  The answer is yes. Failing to keep the scalp free of dandruff plaques will smother hair follicles and prevent new growth.

Then there is post-partum hair loss.  Dreaded.  It’s hormonal and happens at three months and three weeks after birth of a child. Don’t worry, it grows back.

Facing Our Worst Fears

The Indian boy grows up knowing that, at a certain age, he will have to face the sweat lodge.  Africans used tribal scarring as their rite of passage from boy to manhood but it was more than that.  Facing danger and terror and finessing it with elegance and pride brings personal power to everything else in life.

A story:

Elan, living in Redmond and working at Microsoft called one day and asked what I would do if she skydived.  I said I was a trauma nurse and didn’t want to know about it.

At Thanksgiving I went to her apartment for a week and next to the telephone was a Skydiver’s Log…

“Elan, did you skydive?”  She covered her mouth.

“Were you strapped to someone else or did you jump out?  Were you pushed?”

“Well, we didn’t exactly jump out.  We had 4 hours of ground school and then we had to hang off the wing.”


“There was a bar on the wing and we had to hang off it.  We wore mics and could get instructions through earphones.”

“How high were you flying?  Were you scared?”

“4,000 feet and I was too cold to be scared.”

“Then what?”

“I let go and they told me to pull the chute.  But the chute was twisted so they told me how to untwist it.”  And she demonstrated keeping arms in so as not to spiral.

Again I asked as any mother would:  “Were you scared?”

She shook her head.  “I was too busy to be scared.”

“Would you do it again?”

She said … “I can’t wait.”

“Has it changed you?”

“Completely.  I’ll never be afraid of anything again.”

“Why did you do it?”

“I was confronting my worst fears.”

And that jump was the first of many.

In a culture where everyone is a critic, most negative it’s difficult to remain steadfast to oneself.  Someone who faces big, huge risks;  a pilot’s solo flight, standing on top of a mountain, travel to another country alone and not knowing the language… all of these things are rites of passage.  All other fears are trivial.

So, your child is 16, rootless and lacks direction or goals.  Give him a gift of skydiving.  He’ll look at you as if you’re trying to kill him but it’s actually very safe.  And he will be changed forever.

He’ll come away with ‘It’  that indefinable walking tall, owning the world personal power that’s so beautiful to see and is precious, not to be meddled with.

Life After Alcohol

Alcoholism is a genetic disease, not a moral failing.  It sneaks up on a person and bites’ ya.  The only factor between the first drink and skid road or jail is time.

Is access to alcohol the first thing you think of when waking up?  Drinking every day?  More than one? Getting angry when someone says “You’re an alcoholic”?  The idea of quitting causes a panic attack?  Losing friends?  Angry all the time?  Distracted?  It’s a big club.

When drinking I thought I was having fun.  Sober revealed to me what real fun is.  It’s accuracy and control over my life, it’s clarity and peace and excitement and joy.  Looking back on the drinking days…  they were like living in a deep, dark tunnel.

Quitting is a decision.  It often happens because of some hit-bottom event and, depending on the baseline blood alcohol level, can include nasty detox /withdrawal.  It needs to be nasty because memories of it act as aversion therapy and help one remain sober.

AA is like a warm blanket and it’s magic  It’s no shame, no blame, it’s an adventure in itself  and it’s a fantastic series of new rules to live a happy new life, rules that immediately become custom because within AA, breaking them is taboo.   Rules like avoiding extremes of anything, don’t talk all the time, let others talk and listen to them… lots of these rules in addition to the 12 steps, the roadmap.

You cannot take something away without replacing it with something of  like or better value.  There are  things one gains:

  • A support system within AA meetings, anywhere, anytime.
  • A sponsor who knows exactly the right things to do and say and is only a phone call away.
  • The proud ability to say “I’ve been sober for 2 weeks.”  a big one. (I’ve been clean and sober for nearly 31 fantastic years.)
  • The wonderful way your body feels, the clarity of mind and how much sweet fun life becomes.
  • A life that is neat, tidy and controlled.
  • Family and friends that love you instead of fear you.
  • and you don’t miss alcohol.

How to Prevent Mosquito Bites

Vitamin B leaves a smell on the skin that we don’t notice but that repels mosquitoes, fleas, bees.

Vitamin B turns urine a bright yellow so don’t worry about that.

Nail Fungus Cure

Nurses and others who work with rubber gloves on are prone to nail fungus.  A co-worker introduced me to this long ago and it most certainly works, works on hands and feet.

There is a maxim that for every disease God gave mankind, there is a cure in nature. Nature’s cure for nail fungus is still the very best.

The herb, Thyme is a powerful antifungal and the cure for nail fungus is Thymol 3% in Acetone.  You will probably recognize the smell from your grandmother’s house and as a child I never saw nail fungus. Compounding pharmacists praise it but most doctors never heard of it and they find excuses not to prescribe it, such as:  “You need to make an office visit.” where they argue for the very harsh pills, or “It’s not recognized by the FDA.”.

Thymol is an oil of the thyme herb that you cook with and there is a less expensive way of getting it. Listerine mouthwash, the yellow kind is made of Thyme and Eucalyptus and has a similar effect on the nail.  

Because the prescription Thymol is so expensive, you apply it with a Q-tip, letting it soak into the yeast debris under the nail, and around the entire nail.  It’s not absorbed systemically.  The Listerine cure is so cheap you can just soak all your nails in it.

Soak the nails in Listerine when they are dry.  Feet wet from bath or shower will have soaked the sponge-like debris under the nails  leaving no room to absorb the Listerine.   

It will take awhile to see the difference and it first appears when the new nail close to the cuticle looks pink and healthy.  It takes almost a year for the entire nail to grow out.  The thickened part at the end of the nail is yeast debris and it should look thinner each time the nail is trimmed.

So.  I grew some Thyme last year to make a poultice and it was just a big mess.

UPDATE:  It took 8 months to grow out but today the nails are finally normal.  Beautiful feet again. I only used the Thymol two to three times a week.  Probably the first application kills the yeast and 8 months is growing out the nail time.  Applying it around the nail bed may prevent new yeast or because it’s not absorbed by skin, it may do nothing.  Prescriptions for this are expensive, $44, but it shouldn’t be hard to find someone to share.