Shaken Baby Syndrome

Shaking a baby that won’t stop crying may be an instinct of frustration. Even the saints among us have been to that point and somehow stopped themselves.

PACIFE Music to Calm stops the crying minutes after the screamer takes a breath and is quiet enough to hear it.  The mathematical character of this music along with the primal tunes Bernstein talks about quickly engage them.

Newborn drug babies, after the third day, begin a terrible and violent drug withdrawal.  The muscles in their legs undulate and cramp (we can see it and feel it), they purple cry nonstop, they shake, they have explosive diarrhea that eats their bottoms raw and they are beyond comfort.  This is the comment of one NICU nurse about a baby in drug withdrawal…

“I found a tape player and began to play the PACIFE music for him… I’d no sooner put it into the tape player than he stopped crying. It’s instantaneous. He’s looking around with a relaxed, peaceful face.”

– S. S., NICU Registered Nurse


Frantic Dogs and Puppies

People are buying PACIFE Music to Calm to soothe frantic dogs during thunderstorms…  quickly downloading it as mp3 files.

Crying, whimpering puppies sleep the night also with PACIFE music.

Night Shift and Sleeping

I have worked for what amounts to 60 years in various Critical Care jobs and all of it on the night shift.  Mostly from 7PM to 7:30AM.

Ten years of it were two full time jobs.  I was supporting four children.

For the first forty years of it I felt sick.  More of a feeling of un-ease… a strange heavy feeling in the face and neck with extreme lethargy and irritability.  Arms felt heavy, legs heavy and I had to drive myself to do any activity.  Sleep was a scarcity, a commodity if you will and on those days when I had to go back to work there was a terrible fear /panic that I wouldn’t get enough sleep.

Then I rearranged my thinking and began to reassess what would be enough sleep in terms of several days instead of one day.  If I got 24 hours of sleep over 4 days, life was good.  Four hours of sleep and the heaviness was back.  This changes with age.  As one becomes old, awake time is precious and when sleeping more than 6 hours a night one wakes up headachey, stiff and sluggish… oh and cranky.

My drive for 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep changed to 6 hours and it was enough.  Not only enough, the panic was gone and I felt wonderful.  Great energy, marvelous stamina and never tired.  The heavy feeling was gone forever and the vigor of childhood returned.

I understood that the issue of sleep is a mindset.

…  and if you are insomniac or can’t stay asleep, listen to PACIFE Music to Calm which fixes it.

Dogs Sleep Through Firecrackers

Dogs panic during loud noises.   Nurses who took PACIFE Music to Calm home found that, with it playing in a darkened room, their frightened dogs would sleep through firecrackers and thunder storms.
See testimonials.

About This Website

Fifty years of nursing, all of it at the cutting edges of medicine,  has taught me respect and disrespect.  Most of all, it’s taught me to Stay Healthy.

This computer has hundreds of files on it that were to become books.  One called Stay Healthy (actually enough for 4 books including care plans) another is Family Maxims and then there was all the parent teaching of tips and tricks that had a circle of chairs around me in NICU.  I am giving you this according to the new aspect of marketing called  FREE… with  benefit toward the beautiful CD called PACIFE Music to Calm,  very specialized music that relieves adult stress, stops newborn crying, calms frightened animals, dogs and horses, reduces muscle spasms and cramps, reduces fear of flying and anxiety.  There is a reason for such successes and the story is on the PACIFE website.  PACIFE music is the result of watching hundreds of newborns on NICU monitors as they reacted to stress and calm.

Eventually there will be another aspect to this site.  Long ago, when I’d come home from a night shift in Critical Care, I’d write the thing that made me angry that shift and tossed it into a folder on the hard drive.  I was a thorn in management’s side and they fired me, just one in a long list of their greatest talent in nurses, the ‘old guard’, and replaced us with new grads who were pretty and compliant.  So I looked in that folder. There were 680 stories and eventually  much of it will be posted here.

Nurses cannot make changes in hospital units.  They are fired for trying.

Only the patient can change how things are done, this blog will tell you the problem and how you can effect a solution.

Flying With Babies

Babies cry on long flights for various reasons:

  • Ears hurt on take-off and landing.  This is fixed by making the baby swallow so give him a pacifier.  Give older children gum to chew.
  • For everything else, put the very special PACIFE Music to Calm on your iPod, attach a good little speaker to it and play it for him.  The best speaker I’ve found, after trying everything out there, is the Gigaware from          Radio Shack.