Freeway Accidents at Night

SH logo photo w grayHow to avoid a huge freeway driving risk at night in America. From 2AM to 4AM when the bars close freeway driving becomes extremely risky. The risk is being hit, head on at high speed by a car driving the wrong way with it’s lights out.

This is why.  Drunk drivers, disoriented and confused, sometimes drive down an off ramp to access the freeway. If they wish to go slowly they will drive in what seems to them to be the inside slow lane but is actually the far left, fastest lane. If they want to drive fast, they will drive in what seems to them to be the outside fast lane but is in actuality our inside slow lane where they drive fast and with lights out. Therefore, the only safe place to drive on the freeway at night is the center lane. Several years ago, in Oregon-Washington there were eleven huge, horrific accidents caused by this with twenty two fatalities in one year. Now, driving the freeways at night in the Pacific Northwest the outside lanes are pretty much empty, everyone, trucks and cars alike use the center lane. There is a fifty-cent fix.  Install road spikes at the top of freeway exit ramps. This will quickly flatten all tires on a car driving over them.  If emergency vehicles need to access it they can have a switch to disable the spikes.

In England, it’s taboo to drive drunk and taboo is a massive control of behavior.  There is no longer anything taboo in America.

The safest time to drive freeways is from 6-8AM, 2-4PM, 6-8PM and 10PM-midnight. These cover the going to work, leaving work hours for Police and Health Care shift workers.  Diving to Seattle some time ago, I stopped at a truck accident and everyone else who stopped was part of code teams from various hospitals.  It was 4 in the afternoon.

End Hotflashes

Hot flashes today are nasty, worse than in our grandmother’s day, because we are losing the vitamins and minerals essential to modify them.

This trick works. Absolutely.

Hot flashes begin at the age your mother and grandmother were when theirs began.  Usually in the mid fifties.  And they can make you crazy.  The body blistering hot, covered with sweat and then, in the next minute, wet and freezing cold.  Not once a day.  In the beginning maybe 50, 60 times a day and then during the night. Forever.

Low Calcium also causes those massive leg cramps at night.  They also happen during pregnancy when calcium is depleted by nourishing the baby’s growth.

The solution is replacing Calcium, Magnesium and Vitamin D, materials we lose through age and living in this modern world, . The normal, routine dose is 1,000 mg  Calcium, (Magnesium and Vitamin D are included in correct balance) and 400 Units of Vitamin E every day.

Vitamin D is essential for metabolism of Calcium and it’s lost through chelation from exposure to flourescent lights and it’s absorbtion from sunlight is blocked by Mineral Oil based lotions. on the skin.  (Working twelve-hour shifts, five in a row with fragile Calcium and under flourescent lights, I’d have bad leg cramps and exhausting hot flashes and that was a clue.  I began researching.)  It takes almost a half gallon of milk a day to gain enough Calcium.

Magnesium is the web, the framework if you will, and Calcium is the material that fills the web to form healthy teeth and bones.

Some forms of Calcium are indigestible, Calcium carbonate is chalk and not metabolized. Calcium Citrate is the most easily digestible and is from citrus fruit. CalAbsorb contains Magnesium and Vit. D in the correct balance, is easily digestible and tastes good.  No big tablets, it’s a powder to mix with water or juice.  You can Google to find sales.  Country Life brand Calcium Citrate in capsule form is often on sale in health food stores and internet.

Calcium and Vitamin E have levels so it may take a few days to see results. You will know when your level is reached when the hot flashes are extremely mild and, in some cases, when there is a bit of pale pink spotting every 28 days. Hot flashes never really end, but this routine will make them so mild you’ll not notice them.

If in treatment for cancer, please ask your doctor if you should take these supplements.  

Screen shot 2015-01-12 at 7.39.44 AM

Severe Headache. Causes and Solutions.

While it feels like headache pain is from the brain, our brains have no pain receptors.  The tough covering of the brain (the meninges), however, has very sensitive pain receptors, as do the blood vessels on the meninges. Any traction on the meninges causes pain.  The outside of the skull also has blood vessels and musculature which reacts to tension from tight neck muscles.

Causes of migraine type headache:

  • True migraine with aura,  and sensitivity to noise and light.  Vomiting.
  • Tension headache.
  • Caffeine withdrawl headache.  If you have a family member who drinks coffee or coke in the hospital, unable to talk, tell the doctor about the violent headache he must be having from sudden loss of caffeine.  Caffeine can be given IV to wean the patient.
  • Allergy to scents.  Allergy to Butyric Acid additives in American perfumes and cosmetics.  This can cause a violent migraine that lasts for days.  Not found in French perfumes.
  • Cluster headaches, an intense headache lasting for days,  may be caused by allergens that have a 3 day half life… the time it takes to metabolize out of the body.
  • Heavy metal toxicity.  Lead paint removal, Mercury fillings. Long half-life, severe headache may last for weeks.
  • Menstrual headache at onset of period.  Several day cluster headache caused by fluid retention, softened cartilage and straining upper back scenario.
  • Grinding or clenching teeth during the night.  Wearing an Invisalign type retainer will prevent them.
  • Sleeping with a pillow too thick, causing neck to be extremely bent.  A soft pillow, pulled down behind the neck will keep head straight with chin up.  This also gives a clear airway.
  • Cervical spine injuries.
  • Bright sun.
  • Low calcium.
  • Allergy to Codeine.
  • Sinus blockage.  See post in archive.


  • Reduce or remove stressors.
  • Take supplemental calcium
  • Excedrin Migraine contains acetaminophen, aspirin and caffeine in unusual dosages that work when taken at the first hint of headache.  In the UK, Nurofen Migraine a somewhat different ibuprofen, Ibuprofen lysine, works very well.
  • Do stretching exercises of the neck and back in a hot shower
  • Sleep it off in a dark room… take muscle tension off the neck and back with pillows.  Put pillows under the knees in bed and pull your head pillow well up under the neck.  Listen to the music of PACIFE.
  • Use the Omni Massage Ball or your fingers to apply Shiatsu type pressure to contracted muscle points.  See tension headache posting in archive.

    Tension Headache

Emergency Rooms Must Fix Themselves

A Story:
  • I went to the ER of the hospital in which I worked as ICU nurse, with a 3 day migraine so severe I couldn’t stop vomiting.  I was seven months pregnant.  My husband was a lawyer and a DA.  
  • The receptionist took me to the janitor’s closet.  So there I was, sitting on the floor with the door closed, vomiting in the slop sink.  I hauled myself up and went to the receptionist’s desk:  “I’ve been sitting on the floor of the janitor’s closet for 20 minutes, throwing-up and I don’t like that so I think I’ll throw-up here for awhile.”  And vomited all over her desk. They got me on a stretcher and into an ER bay quickly.

I know of no-one who does not have hospital horror stories.

There is a huge percentage of these stories that are absolutely unnecessary and are caused by ‘man’s inhumanity to man’ and you can become a force for change.

These postings will be published as a series of 3 books called Stay Healthy.  They will be spiral bound with a series of care plans that can be easily Xeroxed.  Here is an example of the problem and the solution. Nurses cannot effect even the smallest changes in hospitals.  They are fired for trying.  But when the first patient hands a care plan to the doctor that has ‘My baby will not be weighed on a scale without a head and foot barrier.’  checked, those scale trays will be replaced with the safe ones. Or: ‘My baby will not be placed within 25 feet of a blue bili-light.’  Bingo, they are gone.

Heavy Legs

The cause and cure for a common cause of heavy legs.

When sitting for long periods in clothing that makes a tight band at the bend of the hip /leg, the lymphatic system stops working correctly. When walking, calf muscles contract and relax, acting  as a pump  pushing the lymph fluids back up.  This is absent when sitting for long periods in sedentary jobs such as bus drivers, pilots, desk jobs etc.  Add to that tight pants which block the lymph return entirely and once well-shaped legs become thick, heavy and shapeless.  This is not the still shapely leg of the cellulite problem, it’s an all-over heaviness with thick ankles.

There is a test for it…   Unlike cellulite, lymphedema has a characteristic called pitting.  To test for it, push on a spot and if it indents and remains indented for some seconds it’s lymphedema.

When women began to work as bus drivers in Portland, they were issued uniforms of heavy material with a narrow cut to the leg.

These women began to experience sudden, disproportionate leg heaviness, not common to their genetics.

So the bus company tried a looser, thinner material in the uniform pants style and the leg heaviness vanished.

Why do People Use Blowers?

Why not vacuum sidewalks instead?

Think about what’s in that cloud of dust.

  • Dirt
  • Mold spores
  • Dog, cat, rat, possum, raccoon urine
  • Maybe some human urine

All of it just moved around, not removed.

All of it breathed into the lungs of the one holding the blower. Because the urine is no longer wet does not mean it’s gone.  It’s just dehydrated and in the moisture of your nose and mouth, it redydrates.

Not healthy.  Very disgusting.

Stop Cravings

Are sugar, ice cream, chip cravings ruling you?  You can solidly end them in 2 days.  End them so you never think about these foods and when given some you are not interested.  Amazing!

South Beach is not a diet as much as it’s common sense, it’s the old way of eating and probably the French way.

South Beach deals with the Glycemic Index and Insulin.  It’s goal is to:

  • Recognize sugar in foods and reduce it.  All white foods give a glycemic hit, for example a slice of white bread is the same as a teaspoon of sugar.  Sugar-starch heavy vegetables such as corn and peas do also.
  • Even-out the intensity of hits to the pancreas by eating a snack between meals, a bit of low-fat cheese like the yellow Babybel or a string cheese, a few nuts, a hard-boiled egg…
  • Slow the bowel for an even system of digestion /insulin using whole wheat foods.  There is a lovely new Oroweat bread called SandwichThins that are basically only the tin top and bottom parts of a bun.  Toasted they are a crispy and make unforgettable sandwiches.  Weight Watchers gives them only 1 point.

My diet was quite good when I reviewed it using Glycemic Index rules (evaluating foods in terms of grams of sugar.)  but what I learned was horrible.  I was actually eating 20 cups of sugar a day and little else.  Breakfast at Swingers in Hollywood was French toast, syrup, whipped cream and strawberries.  Good meal, right? Not drive through, no junk food.  That breakfast was pure sugar and nothing else.  So next time I asked them for seared Ahi tuna, sauté spinach, sliced tomatoes.  Lord but that tasted good.

Eating sugar creates cravings for more sugar.  It’s addictive because the end metabolic chain in metabolism of sugar is the same as whiskey and the same as heroin.

The first stage of South Beach is for two weeks and it fixes this. After the second day all cravings vanish like magic.  This list is for the 3rd stage, the maintainance diet after ideal weight has been reached.  You will see that it’s not restrictive,  just a quite normal old-fashioned way of eating.  You will be deprived of very few things and the cravings never come back.

The first stage of South Beach is basically two weeks of:

  • lean meat
  • salad vegetables
  • whole wheat bread… pile it all together for sandwiches
  • low fat milk and cheese for calcium
  • eggs
  • a small banana a day for potassium
  • lots of water

This starts a weight shed that makes one giggle.  Additionally, you feel so very good, like you could fly.  Cravings are gone and thinking about food all the time is gone, gone after the third day. (The old Atkins diet was very different.  It was a starvation ketogenic diet where the body was digesting itself in a sense and hard on the liver.  They have now modified it to follow South Beach rules.)

Is anyone reading this Stay Healthy blog?

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Please send a quick email to me at  and let me know.

If there is no-one I’ll quit.

Write also if you have questions.

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