End Winter Colds

To prevent winter colds put water pans in bedrooms, under the beds is fine.  In one day, adults loose 200cc of water from breathing (one large glass full) and this must be replaced by moisture in the air we breathe back in.  If the air is dry, and it becomes dry with the heat on, the nasal and bronchial mucosa thickens to protect itself.  This thickness is the perfect culture media for the first bacteria that flies by!  It’s warm, sweet, dark and moist.  This is how colds begin.  Echinacea increases t-cells to fight the bacteria and Vit. C  kills it.  At one time in evolution these things were in our diets but difficult these days so they should be added.  The water pans should have a large surface exposed to air.  In Wisconsin, they were in everyone’s home.

I have had many beginnings of colds in the last 40 years but only one severe one.  (A co-worker came to work sick and spread it everywhere… in an NICU!  Employees who go to work sick ought to be punished as should parents who send sick children to school.)  At the first tiny glimmer of a cold, I fluff up the pillows, dress warmly, get a good book, some tea, take Echinacea (the root, not flowers, roots are concentrated) and drink Odwalla C-Monster.  The cold lasts 1 day, no green stuff, no coughing, no fever, just the tiny scratch to the throat that’s the first clue.

To fix chest congestion use Vicks Vapor Rub on the skin.  It contains Camphorated Oil, Eucalyptus and Menthol.  Camphorated Oil, rubbed on the chest and covered with a little piece of cloth, wool is best.  It acts as a counter-irritant, bringing greater blood supply to the outside of the chest (the skin gets pink) but it  also brings increased blood supply to the inside of the chest cavity.  This loosens the thicken mucosa and it’s coughed up.  Never take Vicks Vapor Rub internally!

Kids should be calm and quiet when they are sick.  Make them go to bed. The time when a cold is risky business is if the cause is a Strep bacteria and not a virus.  Strep creates debris and if the patient is active, that debris can get pumped everywhere in the body.  Streptococcus A causes Strep throat, an extremely sore throat with white things spotted on the back of the throat.  That’s  bacterial debris and can migrate throughout the body causing kidney damage, Rheumatic Fever or Sub-acute Bacterial Endocarditis, an infection inside the heart.  SBE produces bacterial debris plaques which stick to the underside of heart valves and can, with exertion, break loose into the blood stream and plug the first small size blood vessel which is often in the brain, causing a stroke.  Use the handle of a spoon and with a flashlight, check the back your child’s sore throat, maybe morning and night for white spots. This is the ‘cold’ that needs antibiotics.  Antibiotics do nothing for virus infections and simply sensitize the body to the medication, meaning that it loses the ability to kill bacteria. Strep is mostly seen in school age children.

Rule Out Allergy Headache

ALLERGENS:  Allergens enter the body through the nose, mouth and skin and they have a half-life  (the amount of time it takes the body to metabolize them out).  that can range from hours to days.  The diagnosis for allergy headaches is Claretin, an over the counter anti-histamine that will not make you drowsy.  If it’s a short term allergy, the headache will fade.  An allergy headache that lasts for many days or weeks may mean that it’s in the house or workplace, some toxin in the environment or walls that reinfects constantly.

  • Search your house for mold or call an expert with equipment to find hidden mold.  Glidden sells a vapor barrier paint that is rated to 2 mils of plastic.  There is another product, Ames Vapor-Barrier paint  that, with 3 coats gives a vapor barrier the thickness of a dime.
  • If the house is new construction, go to an ancient hotel for 3 nights and when the symptoms clear, go back to your house. If the headache returns the toxin is probably in the bedroom because it’s the place one spends the biggest block of uninterrupted time. A house built with particle board will have formaldehyde leaking through walls.
  • Food allergy diagnosis:  Make your diet very simple for at least 2 days.  Then add foods one at a time.  Start with dairy.  When a headache starts, stop eating the newest food added.  Shrimp /Shellfish has an allergy with very severe headache and it’s instantaneous.  MSG also.
  • Some perfumes, hair sprays, deodorants, lotions, body powders etc.  in America from the 1990s to about 2005 contained a chemical in the Butyric Acid family that caused the smell to remain in the room long after the person had left.  One breath of this chemical could be allergic in the form of asthma to an instant blinding headache that could last up to 4 days.  It was outlawed in European cosmetics and has, after lawsuits, been removed from American cosmetics.    French and European perfumes are made of flowers and they are expensive.  (It takes bushels of rose petals to make one oz. of perfume.)    The link Perfume Anaylsis  gives a gas chromatography and mass spectrometry analyzed list of ingredients of two popular American perfumes.  Not all American cosmetics contain  chemicals.  Essential Oils and organic perfumes are lovely and safe.

A Very Bad Pacifier

Very good in NICU, but using this pacifier with older infants and children creates problems with feeding, tongue and teeth.

About 20 years ago, a new pacifier came into production designed for babies in NICU.  It was completely latex free which was it’s feature.

It is OK for very small NICU babies… definitely not OK for bigger babies.  This is why.

Teaches bad sucking:  There are 2 ways a baby gets milk out of the bottle or breast; by sucking, an event that uses tongue, palate and cheeks to pull a stream of milk out and by chewing the end of the nipple which only empties milk at the end of the nipple into the baby’s mouth.  A full term baby is born knowing how to suck, he has probably been sucking a thumb for months, but not so the preemie.  Sucking occurs at the back of the tongue and he must be taught.

Keeps the tongue in the front of the mouth or sticking out of the mouth: There is not enough of a hub on this nipple to capture for sucking or to keep the pacifier from falling out of  the mouth when at rest. Therefore the baby must press it against the top of his mouth with his tongue, and this is a mistake.  You can understand the problem if you put this pacifier in your mouth and attempt to hold it in place without using bottom teeth.  Then try sucking on it, there is no bulb to keep the back of the tongue down and curled… no way to engage it to suck and therefore it essentially blocks the throat.

Risking ‘buck teeth’:  The basic physical things a baby learns remain his preference for a lifetime.  Learning to apply pressure with the tongue against the upper ridge of teeth will possibly cause him to tongue-thrust during deep sleep.  This applies heavy pressure against the back of his upper teeth, pushing them outward.  Braces will change it but his tongue thrusting will continue recreating the problem.  The tip of the tongue has a normal position, gently resting against the upper palate.

For more pacifier tips and tricks see PACIFIER posts on sidebar.

Personal Birthing Plans

There should be only two things on a mother’s birthing plan…  anything else is self-indulgent and frivolous.  This is not a social event.  Childbirth is deadly serious and must remain professional.


  • My baby will be born quickly.
  • The doctor must be in the hospital.  If not, the baby will be delivered anyway.

BIRTHING PLAN  (single item)

  • The doctor will be in the hospital from the time I arrive  until I deliver.

Here are the reasons:

  • Problem with a long birthing plan.  Nurses and doctors have done the things you need to have happen, hundreds of times.  They are experts and most importantly, with this level of skill much os the success is in their automatic responses.  They may look calm and friendly but each of them is a machine with hair trigger alertness to the smallest clue that something is out of the ordinary.  And they jump on it.
  • Anything distracting attention from this alertness, making sure you have fresh water next to you at all times for example, or the lights dimmed, removes focus from THE BABY.
  • A personal birthing plan, written down and presented to the hospital or it’s agents (the staff) becomes a legal document and completely changes the focus of every minute, away  from the baby and task at hand to ‘how do we keep from being sued?’  Instead of a staff of experts at your side, your birthing plan has changed them to a group of people wary and self-protective.  And that is against your best interests.  Instead of a partnership that flows perfectly, the event becomes one of possible adversaries and clumsy.    We had a mother one night who came in with a 27 item birthing plan and the R nurse said:  “You know nothing good’s going to come of this.”

Who benefits?  No one.

Who is at increased risk?  The baby.

Why  does the ideal birthing plan have only these two particular things?

  • If a doctor is on the golf course, the mother can labor on and on until he is ready.  Each contraction is the force of 2Gs on the baby’s head.  I’ve seen mothers allowed to remain in active labor for 24 hours…  720 compressions of the baby’s head with the force of 2 Gs.
  • In the 1950s and 60s, nurses were instructed by the doctor to prevent delivery by holding the mother’s legs together until he got there.  In those days if the doctor wasn’t there, you did not have to pay him.

Stay Warm at Night

Staying warm is a matter of heated air (heated by the body) contained in a space surrounding the body. When blankets lay on a bed undisturbed for days, they loose all of the air between them and there is nothing for the body to heat.  After crawling into bed at night, put an air layer back into each space between the blankets and don’t forget to do it for your children also.

Beginning with the first blanket, just flap it, (lift and let it fall back down.) capturing air, then do the same with the next blanket until they are all flapped.  When layering blankets, put the down comforter near the top and as a barrier of heat loss by conduction, cover everything with a thin Polar Fleece blanket.

Body heat is captured by the kind of covering.  Fur is warmest because there are thousands of tiny air pockets, (hair is the perfect example, your head stays warm at night).   Polar bears walk on ice because the bottom of their paws are covered with fur. Wool has little barbs on the fiber that capture air.  Alpaca is not wool, it’s actually fur. Feathers capture air in the same way and the down in comforters is the fluffy little under feathers of ducks and geese.

A modern fabric that’s as warm as fur is Polar Fleece… it’s made from recycled plastics and has the added warmth of a heat loss barrier.

Mattress pads of wool, sheepskin or feathers also retain body heat and add a barrier to conduction heat loss.

Camping and survival gear includes a foil sheet.  Wrapping in this locks body heat into the spaces and, with little cost,  prevents heat loss by evaporation and convection.

Fix Rotator Cuff and Frozen Shoulder


  • A sharp, intense, straight line pain on the outside of the arm, just below the bottom of the shoulder bone that hurts when the arm is raised.
  • Caused by a sudden, pulling trauma to the arm.

Stop the pain, and protect the joint:

  • Fasten your arm down at night.  During sleep, rolling over onto the arm in bad alignment causes extreme pain and more damage to the cuff and the  joint.  The OTC Shoulder Immobilizer with sling and swathe is the only style of sling that correctly splints the shoulder, fastening the upper arm to your side and holding the wrist firmly, reducing abduction and arm rotation.
    No other type of splint works.  Photo is below and it’s available at Walgreens and Amazon.

Apply Kinesio tape

  • The world was introduced to Kinesio tape while watching American Keri Walsh playing beach basketball at the Bejing Olympics with a torn rotator cuff.  She showed no sign of pain, no hesitation in movement and great strength.
  • You can apply Kinesio at home, shower with it and bathe with it on for 2-3 weeks each application.  It’s available on Amazon and some sporting goods stores.  There are now copy tapes on the market but they do not have the same effect.
  • Before applying the tape, have the skin clean and dry.  Then round the corners of each piece of tape so it won’t begin to roll off.  I put a great deal of traction on each piece.  Lift the arm out to the side, shoulder high, shoulders back and straight. Put the 2 shorter pieces on first and then the longer piece over top. Illustrations below.
  • How does Kinesio work?  The sticky side has waved ridges in a diagonal pattern and with every movement, the ridges lift the deep layers of skin to allow continuous drainage of lymph.  There is no other tape that does this.

Kinesio is also used to reduce lymphoedema.   There is a how-to book on Amazon.


  • Not raising the arm and bracing it reduces the joint’s ability to continue a free range of motion and it rapidly becomes a ‘frozen shoulder’, a joint that has become so solid a mass from adhesions (tough fiber bands), created by inflammation that one can no longer put a shirt on or get a fork to the mouth. When the shoulder joint is frozen, lifting the arm comes from the collar bone, ‘hunching the shoulder’  and has no effect of loosening the shoulder.
  • If the shoulder is frozen, you must break the adhesions.  Injecting the joint is fantastically painful and it doesn’t work.  (Be careful of your memories!).   These adhesions can be broken under general anesthesia but there is a poor man’s way, no more painful than the shoulder in general.  Choose a very strong friend.  Sit on the floor, back against the sofa, legs crossed.  Have the friend put his knee on your shoulder, (between the shoulder and your neck), firmly grab the arm close to the shoulder and quickly force it all the way up straight.  When it’s up straight, have him rotate the arm through the full arc of the socket.  Give him great thanks and undying gratitude and head for a hot shower.  With hot water beating on the shoulder joint, put your hand against the wall and walk it up, slowly higher and higher.  The heat allows you to go beyond the limits of pain and it chelates lactic acid from the muscles.  Do this twice a day if you can.  There may be little residual pains in the rotator cuff but ignore them, they will vanish.
  • You must keep the shoulder moving in a full range of motion frequently during the day so new adhesions won’t form.  Rotate the arm, pull your arm over your head,  walk the hand up a wall often, leaning into it to stretch the muscles.  It feels so very good.
  • Note:  It’s important that you don’t have the friend yank on the arm. You don’t want the adhesions to pull off of the bone because that will cause bleeding into the joint and make further adhesions. It’s the thing that caused them in the first place. Have him hold the arm close to the shoulder (holding it further down will risk breaking the bone) and without pulling, quickly bend the arm straight up. This will hurt you much less than the pain you have now. (adhesions have no pain receptors).

Get Rid of Crows, Squirrels and Maybe Deer.

There are few solutions to discouraging crows and critters from city gardens but frightening them is easy, non-toxic and always  works.  They are all afraid of fire.

Crows will usually spend only one day in a tree and then move to another unless they are nesting and have eggs.  They travel and nest in flocks, often huge.  They become territorial and bold, attacking  cats, dogs and sometimes people.

Twisted Mylar ribbon, when hung from a high point and allowed to hang freely, will move as flames in a fire, warding off crows and squirrels but not the little songbirds.  Crows immediately silence and within minutes they leave your trees. They will move into trees nearby and out of sight of your ribbons so when making  Mylar twists, make extra and pass them out to your neighbors.

Only the twisted loops of red and silver, in the sun and moving, completely mimic flames and are the best.  Untwisted streamers need a strong wind to move them about and do not look like fire.  Twisting  the tape provides loops at the bottom that catch wind like a sail making them move with only a slight breeze.

The plain silver are holographic and when caught in the sun, reflect with thousands of prisms and changing colors.  While this does not mimic flame, holographic images confuse animals and apparently crows also.

Hanging these in larger clumps may also ward off deer and hopefully local  raccoons.

To look like fire, the Mylar must be twisted.  Cut a piece as long as your arms will reach or less.  Twist it about 5 times (3 for shorter lengths) and join the 2 ends.  Now twist again several times and again join the ends. Staple the ends together and tie  a string tightly around the stapled end to hang.  

If the crows return it will be brief and only because there is not enough wind to move the Mylar. They leave when the hanging begins to move again.

The red and silver Mylar ribbon, called “Bird B Gone Flash Tape” is available at Home Depot and Amazon,

Cell Phone Fall in the Water?

Put the cell phone into a baggie filled with rice and seal the bag.  Then don’t open it for 24 hours.

The rice will absorb all the water.

Types of Autism and the Causes of it.

I believe there are two entirely different phenomena lumped into Autism.

  • Brain damage with symptoms of Autism.
  • Fear based, autism acquired between the ages of  6 months to 3 years.

Brain damage includes  powerful tongue thrusting during sleep, causing a deformity, a pushing out  of the teeth.  This originates in the brain stem and the behavior is completely involuntary.  The fear based autistic child does not tongue thrust and has normal appearing teeth.

This is about fear based Autism.  A huge, overwhelming fear /depression in a pre-verbal child.

The infant and young child is not a blank slate.  Not at all.  He is learning a language and learning how the world works.  His brain is assessing and sorting and storing information continuously, brilliantly and with accuracy.

Between the ages of 8 months to 3 years, the child is sorting what is human and what is not.  Every thought has this at it’s center.  It’s his primary function because it’s essential to survival.

If something happens during that time that is so far off of reality and so terrifying that it can’t compute, the child retreats into his own world and locks everything else out.  Because he is essentially pre-verbal, he can’t tell you what frightened him.

Some years ago, software appeared that gave the ability to morph a face into something else and television changed.  Parents can control the TV shows for what the child sees but not the commercials.  A child could walk past a TV left on and see a man in a suit, talking and smiling and suddenly his head morphed into a ball of fire.  Terrifying.  When was daddy’s head going to burst into flame?  Would mine?

There was one where the man’s head became a cat’s head.  Recently there was one where, again, a man in a suit slowly rotated to show the back of his head missing and a little group of people inside.  Terrifying to a toddler.  Absolutely terrifying.

Maybe the toddler was in the room seeing this with parents there and the parents were not reacting to what he was seeing with horror.  Does that mean this happening to a man was normal?

My son at two and a half watched Captain Kangaroo for the first time and turned purple with tacchycardia when Grandfather Clock began talking.  This brilliant, happy child changed forever at that moment but never became fully Autistic.

My 4th child did.

Severe Headache. Causes and Solutions.

While it feels like headache pain is from the brain, our brains have no pain receptors.  The tough covering of the brain (the meninges), however, has very sensitive pain receptors, as do the blood vessels on the meninges. Any traction on the meninges causes pain.  The outside of the skull also has blood vessels and musculature which reacts to tension from tight neck muscles.

Causes of migraine type headache:

  • True migraine with aura,  and sensitivity to noise and light.  Vomiting.
  • Tension headache.
  • Caffeine withdrawl headache.  If you have a family member who drinks coffee or coke in the hospital, unable to talk, tell the doctor about the violent headache he must be having from sudden loss of caffeine.  Caffeine can be given IV to wean the patient.
  • Allergy to scents.  Allergy to Butyric Acid additives in American perfumes and cosmetics.  This can cause a violent migraine that lasts for days.  Not found in French perfumes.
  • Cluster headaches, an intense headache lasting for days,  may be caused by allergens that have a 3 day half life… the time it takes to metabolize out of the body.
  • Heavy metal toxicity.  Lead paint removal, Mercury fillings. Long half-life, severe headache may last for weeks.
  • Menstrual headache at onset of period.  Several day cluster headache caused by fluid retention, softened cartilage and straining upper back scenario.
  • Grinding or clenching teeth during the night.  Wearing an Invisalign type retainer will prevent them.
  • Sleeping with a pillow too thick, causing neck to be extremely bent.  A soft pillow, pulled down behind the neck will keep head straight with chin up.  This also gives a clear airway.
  • Cervical spine injuries.
  • Bright sun.
  • Low calcium.
  • Allergy to Codeine.
  • Sinus blockage.  See post in archive.


  • Reduce or remove stressors.
  • Take supplemental calcium
  • Excedrin Migraine contains acetaminophen, aspirin and caffeine in unusual dosages that work when taken at the first hint of headache.  In the UK, Nurofen Migraine a somewhat different ibuprofen, Ibuprofen lysine, works very well.
  • Do stretching exercises of the neck and back in a hot shower
  • Sleep it off in a dark room… take muscle tension off the neck and back with pillows.  Put pillows under the knees in bed and pull your head pillow well up under the neck.  Listen to the music of PACIFE.
  • Use the Omni Massage Ball or your fingers to apply Shiatsu type pressure to contracted muscle points.  See tension headache posting in archive.

    Tension Headache