• Freeway Accidents at Night
  • Clothes Wet and Smelling Musty?
  • Get Rid of Crows, Squirrels and Maybe Deer
  • Stay Warm at Night
  • Fix Rotator Cuff and Frozen Shoulder
  • Heavy Legs
  • End Hot Flashes
  • How to Prevent Mosquito Bites
  • A Trick For Using Bifocals
  • Systemic Yeast
  • Nail Fungus Cure
  • How to Stop Choking
  • How to Get a Ring Off
  • Something in Your Eye?
  • Clean Brushes.  No Turpentine
  • Photograph Flowers.  No Camera
  • Cell Phone Fall in the Water?
  • Don’t Want to Move?
  • What it’s Like to be Disabled
  • Beliefs That Hurt Our Lives


  • The Doctor as God
  • The Nurse as Handmaid-Tart
  • How to Find a Doctor
  • Emergency Rooms Must Fix Themselves
  • ICE In Case of Emergencies
  • CPR.  No More Mouth to Mouth
  • Doctors Are Not Fond of Nurses
  • Dear Corporate America, I can pay for all health care but you aren’t going to like it.
  • Worrying is a Bad Wish
  • Stop Fear and Worry – Some Tricks
  • Facing Our Worst Fears
  • Fear and Anger
  • Violence as Mindset
  • Negative People
  • I’m OK. You’re Not OK. A Game
  • Beliefs That Hurt Our Lives
  • Causes of Hoarding


  • Feng Shui.  Perfect Flow
  • Don’t Want to Move?
  • Serendipity the Meat of Life
  • Some Arguing Tricks
  • Change Something You do
  • Thinking Outside the Box
  • Four Bad Words
  • Break a Habit
  • Making a New Habit
  • What Women Want in a Man
  • Lloyd Reynolds, Comic Muse
  • Write an Affirmation
  • Affirmation Card
  • No More Sunday


  • Stay Healthy
  • About this Website
  • Is anyone reading this Stay Healthy blog?
  • What ‘Blood Alcohol’ Means
  • Life After Alcohol


  • PACIFE Music to Calm
  • Night Shift and Sleeping
  • Frantic Dogs and Puppies
  • Frightened Dogs
  • Calm Frantic Dogs on 4th of July
  • Dogs Sleep Through Firecrackers


  • Severe Headaches. Causes and Solutions
  • Stop Vertigo.  Stop Headaches
  • Tension Headache
  • Stop a Sinus Headache
  • Headache Pain
  • Headaches and Calcium
  • Rule Out Allergy Headache


  • Respect Your Body
  • High Fructose Corn Syrup and Weight Gain
  • Weight and Ankle Joints
  • Calculating Weight on the Ankle Joint
  • Stop Cravings


  • About Smoking
  • How to Quit Smoking
  • Robert Sapolsky’s Research About Stress
  • Effects of Stress on the Body
  • How to Tell Your Intrathoracic Pressures
  • How Much Stress is Too Much Stress
  • Lower Your Blood Pressure
  • Wrist Blood Pressure Cuffs
  • Stuttering:  The Brain
  • Stuttering:  Helping Your Child
  • Children Who Stutter.  What to do.
  • Famous Stutterers


  • Types of Autism and the Causes of it.
  • Autism Quotient.  A Test
  • … and I put an ax through the television


  • Date Night
  • Bringing Baby Home
  • Bringing Baby Home to Pets
  • Pacifier for a Weak Chin
  • A Very Bad Pacifier
  • It’s Easy to Get Rid of the Pacifier
  • Feeding the Baby Stress
  • Dark Skinned People Are Born White
  • Baby’s Head Shape
  • Change Your Baby’s Head Shape
  • SIDS and Daycare
  • Start a Baby Sitting Co-op
  • Personal Birthing Plan
  • Flying With Babies
  • Shaken Baby Syndrome


  • Bedtime Trickery
  • One Bean and Happy Dinner Time
  • A Trick to Teach Your Child Good Behavior
  • Spoiled Rotten
  • What My Children Taught Me
  • How Drowning Looks
  • Vacation. Leave the Children at Home Trick
  • Little Children Need Water
  • A “How Are We Doing” Trick


  • Preemies are Overprotected
  • Identical Twins
  • Co-bedding Twins
  • Grade 2 Bleeds – IVH
  • Preemies Fail Hearing Tests.  Don’t  Worry
  • Preemies are Survivors
  • NICU and Divorce
  • Soothing a Preemie
  • Teaching a Preemie to Suck
  • Preemies as Genius
  • Play mind to Mind Games With Your Preemie
  • Visual Stimulation Cards for Preemies and Infants