Clothes Wet and Smelling Musty?

SH logo photo w grayClothes in the washer wet and musty after forgetting for a week?

Everything ruined?  No way. This fixes it perfectly…                          



  • Pour at least a quart of white vinegar into the soap dispenser of the washer. Add a very small amount of laundry soap, no more than a spoonful.  (any more and the vinegar will make huge foam that leaks out of the washer.) Soaps today are all surfactants and increase surface tension of water, allowing for the top surface of cloth to release anything caught in it.  Turn washer on for a few minutes to mix soap, vinegar, water and cloth and then stop the washer.  Let it soak for at least an hour.
  • Finish this wash cycle.
  • Now add the normal amount of laundry soap and run the same laundry through a normal complete wash cycle and it’s fixed.
  • Smells wonderful and the musty smell is gone forever.